Brooklyn Beta, one of the premier conferences for web folk, has launched a new website. In addition to their 2012 conference they announced a new funding venture: Brooklyn Beta Summer Camp. But this is more than just another fund to back startups, they want to enable designer-developer teams. And with the advisors you’ll have access to it will be difficult to be steered wrongly. Lastly, from the FAQs:

What sort of ideas are you hoping to back?

We are hoping to back big ideas looking to make a real impact. Don’t just make something for your peers. Build something that fixes the insanity of modern education. Or helps people weather the upcoming financial crises and rise in unemployment. Or improves the health of people around the world. Or brings neighbors closer together. Or helps people run small businesses. Or strengthens the bonds of families. Or puts existing abusive, mammoth institutions out of business (pretty please).