As told to National Geographic in 1974.

“This isn’t just a farm,” he reminded me. “It’s a business, and good management is what keeps you going. I work hard, yes, but you can work hard and still starve. … I’ve always thought a guy should just sit down on a feed sack in the barn every so often and try to set some goals”

At the reporter’s prompting he jotted down several of his goals, titled The Challenge in Farming is, they are:

  1. Rear a family that is an asset and not a liability to our community, country and God.
  2. Stay healthy so that you are able to work 70 to 80 hours a week.
  3. Stay solvent so you can remain in business.
  4. The above mentioned requires some profit which is a dirty word to some people.
  5. Profit requires proper business decisions.