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I call myself an information designer which is more or less interchangeable with web designer. I value order, clarity and simplicity; universal values that aren’t constrained to a particular web design niche. On top of that I’m quite adept at listening to people, gathering information and defining the needs and working with project stake holders to reach the right solution.

I run a design studio called Design Intellection (this website) where I provide complete services for building websites. My bent is towards clean and simple design, making websites that are effective, usable and beautiful.

David Yeiser

David is recognized across some of the most popular industry websites and design galleries. His talent has led him to be pursued by several prominent design & technology companies. He led the design portion of an 8-month project that completely redesigned the Wake Forest University’s web presence. The design was embraced by the campus community and lifted the bar significantly for higher education websites.

Previously he served as the lead designer at Southern Seminary where along with coaching the communications team through good design process, he played a key role in the complete transformation of the seminary’s web presence.

(Apologies for the third-person, but I wouldn’t have been able to say the above in the first-person.)

I live in Louisville, KY, with my wife and our one-year-old. I have a passion for “making the web a better place” and I enjoy participating as much as I can in the design community. I enjoy seeking out locally-owned restaurants and coffee shops in Louisville and in other cities. If you’re ever visiting Louisville I would recommend either Quills or Sunergos for coffee. I secretly hope to be a good writer someday.

The diagram shown below is representative of the typical gestation process for a website. Of course not all projects are exactly the same, but in general any project will cover not just a few of the elements shown.

I hand-code all my websites using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery when necessary. I have worked with several content management systems and choose them based on the project’s needs. And if a certain CMS is requested I can almost always use that particular one.

That said, the majority of work I do for clients is creating the visual design in layered, static graphic files (Photoshop) and passing those off for development. I am very comfortable in this scenario and provide more than adequate instructions for web conversion. Also, since I’m a developer myself you never have to worry about receiving designs that aren’t transferrable to the web.